Our tour guarantees the ability to have a spiritual experience at some of the most magical, wonderful places in the universe.

We respect all religious beliefs and don’t impress our beliefs on you.  This is a nondenominational experience and is meant to further your own personal spiritual journey.  All participants are expected to be reverent to all other beliefs systems that may be traveling with us and what we may encounter along the way.  Hawaii is a spiritual, seemingly magical place not to be feared.  Please bring yourself and your love and enjoy our part of the universe.  On our journey, discussions may be made and revelations achieved.  Realize that all of our paths are different we are all only willing to accept what we are willing to.  You must step through the door on your own.

Mauna Kea

Located at the 9,300 foot (2, 800 meter) level on Mauna Kea, we are here to provide health and safety information, education about the many reasons Mauna Kea is such a significant place, and make sure you have all the hot chocolate you may need!

For current road conditions, please call (808) 935 – 6268.


The High points of our tour:

  • Educational and Fun: Learn all about the island’s geography, culture and natural history from our experts.
  • Astonishing Scenery: See surrealistic landforms, strange cloudscapes and a panorama of the night sky like no other.  Excellent photo opportunities abound!
  • Sunrise at the Summit: The most dramatic spectacle in Hawaii.
  • Stargazing: see the treasures of the night sky.
  • Trip Includes: The best island cuisines, beverages and convenient pick-up points.

What to bring: warm clothes, swimming gear, towel, camera, open heart, walking shoes, toothbrush, warm weather clothes, willing spirit, umbrellas and your own expertise.  Be Prepared.

We will bring extra blankets, umbrellas, guidance knowledge, first aid kit, and emergency water.


Posted April 13, 2010 by mik3hal3

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